Rodin Rilke.
of Bruce Krebs

Play in 5 acts followed by an epilogue.

versions: French versionGerman version

Inscription SACD n162 104 (SACD: Company of the dramatic type-setters authors)

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of the play

Synopsis :

Auguste Rodin is a creator with success. It is overflowed by an international mail which it cannot answer. Rainer-Maria Rilke, young German poet, comes to Rodin' workshop to produce a monograph about the work of the sculptor. Rodin discovers that Rilke speaks five languages. Rodin engages him at once as secretary. Rilke is delighted.

Rodin, impulsive and inspired, dismounts the arms of a sculpture which he must present at a committee the notable ones. Rilke is filled with wonder by the expression at this creative instinct. The committee arrives and discovers the "catastrophe". Rodin has evil to justify its act. Rilke, man of words, will do it and will convince the committee definitively.

Sitting with alive model. Rilke assists of witness with work of the sculptor. It is so impregnated art of Rodin that soon he edge the Master in his work, in the name of the work even of Rodin! The pupil exceeds the Master... in words

The following day, Rilke discovers, bitter, that Rodin drove him out. But he understands that it is as a chance as Rodin offers to emancipate himself...

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You represent a theatre company, professional, semi-professional or amateur; You are in the search of a contemporary repertory; You are interested by this text, but you are not completely the number of necessary actors to ensure the distribution of this part. Know that I can make some modifications to the text to make this project practicable. Please contact me, to study this situation together.

I conceived a setting in scene and a scenography to build my text, I imagine completely that a director in masonry of others while being pressed in particular on the scenic devices which it has at his disposal.

      Distribution of the text:
Auguste Rodin, Rainer Maria Rilke, Antoine Bourdelle, Charles Despiau, Pompon, Claire, Rose, the first Danish one, the Danish young person, the deputy, the General, the journalist, the civil servant, Constantin Brancusi.

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