Homage to the Rorschach test
a Bruce Krebs’sculpture.


At the beginning, I wanted to approach the spirit of the Hermann Rorschach’ test (a test developped at the point in 1921 and always used nowadays). This test is composed by several boards representing symmetrical spots.

The eye distinguishes the general form. But the brain tries, gradually, to detect some meaning details.

With an aim similar, but not nmedical, I crossed two "spots" perpendicularly. Like two large butterflies. With time, these two butterflies became birds.

Without paraphrasing Rene Magritte : "this is not a pipe", I want to say : "this is not two birds fighting". While looking at more nearly, there is no bird. The head of the one is only the hairstyle of a siren, that of the other is made up only of one multitude of characters (I also thought of these Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Giuseppe Arcimboldo’drawings).

I thus spared a reading with the first degree (two birds) …and other readings for those which approach some. I worked the matters so that a more advised glance can discover other images: this siren is not either a siren, she is a woman whom a fish devours! Near her, a diver appears impotent… the crabs, near her feet, are delighted...

Elsewhere, under the head of bird made of a cluster of body, other bodies seem to fall. "The wings" swarm with details even more discrete; amazed human faces, some insulated monsters, horses, forests, spirals vegetable, severe eyes...

...and many other forms hardly outlined
to leave to the visitor the care to invent them...

Here some works which inspired to me:

This face drawn by the Japanese Utagawa Kuniyoshi, in the XVIII° century, is an assembly of body

This face painted by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, in the XVII° century, is an assembly of fruits and vegetables

Painted by Dali, this Voltaire’face is not a portrait! We could see two women who pass under a porch...

The nose of Freud is knees of woman, her face a belly, its eyebrow a sex...

Dimensions of the sculpture
Length : 36 cm, Width : 30 cm, Height : 38 cm.

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