Masters of the world
a bronze of Bruce Krebs.

Who are the Masters of the world?
The human ones? Tortoises?
The little girl raises her tortoise in the airs, highest. The little boy maintains his one on the ground, on its back.
I conceived my sculpture like a subject of reflexion.

The tortoises live on our earth since four hundred million years! And us? Not even a small million... and the children, 5 or 6 years...
So! Who are the Masters of the world? Our weak offspring?
I chose to represent children and not adults. In teh face of nature, the children have more instinctive reactions.

Two characters, two attitudes. Which will live longest?
This sculpture is thus conceptual, the concept of the duration of nature... transitory duration of the human on earth...

Two characters, two attitudes. When one turns over its tortoise to make it suffer, the other the pupil towards the sky like making its idol of it... In both cases, the tortoises remain impotent...

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Masters of the world Masters of the world

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Bronze: Height: 38 cm, length: 28 cm, width: 20 cm.

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