Two unicorns
a wall sculpture of Bruce Krebs


I realize a large bas-relief with many horses. (16 in all) At the beginning, all these horses were oriented from left to right ... Shortly after that, I changed my mind: they had to be oriented in the opposite direction ...

Unlike computer, it does not just type "flip: x = - 100%" for the entire image turns! It should start his sculpture completely. That I have undertaken. And that's how two horses wandered into my studio for some time. Hung on the wall, they wisely waited their "finest hour".

Six months later, I had the idea of turning them into unicorns. Thus, these two abandoned horses found themselves a new youth. They were no longer "missteps". They had acquired a real autonomy from the large bas-relief (still in progress).

Dimensions of wall sculpture
length: 30 cm, height: 22 cm, depth: 14 cm.

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Asian or Western. All the legends of the unicorn is based on the discovery of his horn.

This twisted horn was questioning the men of antiquity and the Middle Ages: What animal can be powerful enough to wear on his head a heavy horn? A horse would not be enough ... Or a horse twice as large. It could not be a monster as this horn was beautiful!

The simplest explanation may be the most likely: The Danish sailors fished a narwhal in prohibited areas. They resold the horn without giving marine origin ... From that moment, the man invented what he dreamed: protection against poison, longevity, etc ... And legends are built ...

There is little unicorn sculpture. Aside from those recent Jean Fabre "Self-Portrait Unicorn" and Damien Hirst "Young unicorn in formaldehyde." The most vivid representation is undoubtedly "The Unicorn and the Dragon" anonymous sculpture which is presented in Le domaine de Sceaux (Near Paris). Everything is there: the dragon has webbed feet, a serpent's tail and wings of bats ... The unicorn shoves his horn in the dragon's mouth.

The Unicorn and the Dragon

Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter rue Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
Charente Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France, Europe.
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