Bruce Krebs presented and commented on the creation of one of his sculptures entitled:

An idea of happiness
a work by Bruce Krebs.

This sculpture is the enlargement of bronze "The little happiness"

Idem ;
Two children, a boy and a girl, play together. The boy catches the girl’s legs. They’re laughing together. Are they happy ? They get an idea of what happiness might be. Laughing together, touching each other, is that happiness ?

This sculpture is a stealth moment of their game.

This large sculpture is made of polyester, more precisely in acrylic resin.
It is 2,20 meters long. (The characters are one and a half times larger than normal.)
Here is some "close-up" :

I thought it was important for the kids to be in play clothes. So I created a swimsuit for everyone. They’re at the beach.
The little girl even wears a bra like her mom. Fabrics fringes underline the edges of his costume.
(I created staples that I planted in chunk before I covered them with resin-coated fibres).

(In the photo above, the boy’s head was not yet attached to the body.)

        But before I started this project, I had made a sculpture five times smaller.

(In the photo above, the two sculptures are distinguished side by side.)

I could never have done the big one without confronting with the little one.

The differences are only in the details. Interestingly, some decisions made for the small sculpture could not be reproduced in large numbers.
For example the hair: The children represented in the small sculpture have stiff hair. Big hair made "helmet" . So I chose a wavy hair for the haircut of the great characters...

An idea of happiness
(the large format)
Length : 220 cm,
Height : 88 cm,
Width : 95 cm.

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