Trip to Firenze, contact sheet
a sculpture of Bruce Krebs.

versions :

One day I got the idea to replicate the contact sheet of a film photo 24x36 in low relief.

Here is a model for those who do not remember "how it was"...

But by the way, I immediately gave up the idea of negatives pictures that would blurred understanding.
Then I asked myself, "What to represent?" and I immediately thought of a trip to Florence.

When I went to Florence with my family, I wanted to see :  "sculpture, sculpture, and sculpture...". We visited the Casa Buonarroti, the Bargello, the Uffizi, the Accademia Gallery, the Museum of Opera of the Duomo, the sacristy of San Lorenzo and many other things (we came back very tired ...)

Before creating the image content, it was necessary to solve the structure of the contact sheet.
How to properly reproduce a film in volume ?

I opted for a 3D printer. It was the only way to have an absolutely regular shape. So I modeled a 3D box (+ two half-cases on each side)

And I actually printed in Angouleme by "Les Fabricateurs." Here's the result.
ABS is a very durable and lightweight plastic. Details of accuracy ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm.
From this model, I made a mold elastomeric
... to casting 25 plaster models like this ......
I then assembled all these "photos"
I found my photos and negatives ... and I began to sketch my idea ...
On the top band, we find a general view of Florence (Firenze in Italian) where stands the Duomo. Then you cross the bridge Veccio.
(Often the first picture of a film is half veiled. So I made an inclined plane. There are three personages smiling, facing the camera.)

The second band, one enters the courtyard of the Bargello Museum. The Michelangelo'Bacchus is waiting for us (always drunk for 500 years - What health ! -) Leda by Bartolomeo Ammannati (Student of the Master) Then Goliath's head to the ground and David (which one of Donatello), An amazing representation of David, naked but with a hat and spotless sandals...

Third band: The unfinished Atlanteans in the Accademia Gallery. The David by Michelangelo is at the bottom. Three zooms of David.

Fourth band, we take the air spring (there were a lot of people ...) we find David in front of the town hall (the signoria) facing the loggia dei Lanzi. In this place there is an extraordinary sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini : Perseus holding the Medusa's head. The helmet of Perseus is very particular : It is laid on his neck. And on top of the helmet, there is a small dragon. It's very clever, Perseus bows his head (He should not watch the jellyfish) but his helmet is right. So he is therefore both right and tilted.

The fifth band is truncated. Isolated image represents the battle of Lapith and centaurs, at the Casa Buonarroti. The following image shows a piece of surprising framework of the Madonna Doni Tondo. In this framework five little heads stand ... Could I avoid representing Botticelli's Venus ?

The sacristy of San Lorenzo church is the last picture of the cartoon strip. The four allegories captivate us. We almost forget to look at the Pieta Medici. The last picture shows Lawrence (Lorenzo) Medici wearing a helmet fantasy (That helmet looks suspiciously like a Donald Duck mask ...)

Dimensions of sculpture
Height: 34.6 cm Width: 27.7 cm, depth: 5 cm..

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