The Taquin spirit
a bronze of Bruce Krebs.

It is a very ludic sculpture: They are seven parts of which six are to be assembled by yourself. There are thus 3840 possible combinations! The seventh part is the support of presentation. This axis also makes it possible to direct the sculpture differently each day if the heart you of known as...

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All the characters have the bandaged eyes. They thus do not see which they embrace!
It is that which amuses me much. I edge not to play with...
But which is thus these characters?

  • a man
  • a woman
  • a lion
  • a swan
  • a gorilla
  • a bear
  • a kangaroo
  • a tortoise
  • a sow
  • an ibex
  • a Morse
  • a dog

Length : 25,5 cm, Width : 25,5 cm, Height : 29,5 cm.
Length of each part: 25,5 cm, Variable width between 4 cm and 7 cm.
Base: 11 cm x 11 cm.

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