The dubious future
a epoxy resin sculpture of Bruce Krebs


From the beginning of this story, I had in mind three characters: a man, a woman and their daughter. Both adults walk looking away. To better distinguish the horizon, they protect the eyes with their hands. But the girl does not have the same attitude. She does not walk like his parents. She is quite stable on her two legs. She clings to his mother's thigh ...
      Conclusion: Parents are also arrested. They have the attitude of the walker, but they are motionless...

I started this plaster statue. It measured about a foot high. But I was quite disappointed by the general impression. I abandoned during manufacture. I have not even started the girl, the third character.

Here is what remains.
(I cut the heads which will be used as model for another sculpture).

Two years later, I began again my idea by changing scale: the three characters took a real size. I do not know why. Creating life-size figures, the subject becomes also more important.

I was afraid to engage in an unchecking project. It is easy to modify an arm when it is 10 cm, but this poses great technical difficulties when it is real size... It was therefore necessary to anticipate the possible stages of construction. So I decided en first, to model my three characters in 3D. For this, I used the free software "MakeHuman" (very fun).

Here are three wired images.

It's not very nice!
The characters are naked and bald.
It is very basic.

Here's what happens when you turn around:
(The animated GIF is 1 megabyte, forgive me if it does not work well)

(To save your processor, this animated gif stops after 5 rounds,
you must refresh the page to restart the animation.)

With this software you can create positions. You can estimate the proportions and determine the size of the girl so that she is not too baby nor too old. I try to guess in advance which will be my difficulties.

First outlines "plaster and tow"

Of course, the difficulties are not where you'd expect!
I gave myself some additional constraints: It was necessary that the sculpture be dismountable to pass by the door of my workshop… Not too heavy.... Transportable in a small van, and quick and easy assembly ...

(First visitors of the exhibition "2084 - fiction" in the library Michel Crépeau in La Rochelle)

When the sculpture measured thirty centimeters, the nudity of the characters did not bother me. Full size, I immediately thought that these three characters should be dressed. All costumes should be the same to maintain unity. I wanted a representation of clothing that could be neutral. I opted for Jean's and T-shirt for everyone.

During manufacture, the characters have evolved. The father and mother are even more tense to the future than were my characters in 3D ...

Material : Epoxy resin
sculpture Dimensions :
Height: 160 cm, width: 90 cm, length: 85 cm.

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