"Le conte des Tours"

( Sorry, It don't existe english version of this film )

It is a tale for children racconté by a child. While his father him racconte a history to fall asleep, the child thinks some another...
This film at summer carried out, out of paper cut out, frame by frame, starting from the drawings Michel Gardes. The decorations with the feature represent the childish universe of the adults, animations that of the children.
Complete text:
Voice off of the father:"Un day the Eiffel Tower decided to leave on holiday on our premises, with La Rochelle. In its bag, it puts its snack, its brush with tooth and of waxing for its shoes and hop!... veiled part for the edge of the sea.
Here with La Rochelle, everyone shouted: " the Parisian one! prepare! it was panic..."
(While the voice of the father grows blurred, that of the child begin again)
Voice of the child:
"My dad said to me that the day when I was born, it occurred an incredible thing to La Rochelle! An immense iron tower came to visit his cousins.
My dad said to me that when it went, it squeaked as the wheel of my poussette. In La Rochelle, his cousins the towers prepared to receive it. They took a bath to be cleaned and put far too much soap... So much that their hats disappeared almost under the bubbles from soap... So much that the trawlers could not leave the port any more, that I would have agreed to see that!..
The large clock, it, was wrapped for not that one sees it under his shower. Everyone wanted to see passing the tower, even turns HLM, They said: " After all, also one is to us towers!.. that I do not believe in it...
My dad also says that others snobaient the Eiffel tower. I do not know what that wants to say. I believe that the snobs like well that one speaks about them, even when they do anything. Good.
When the Eiffel tower arrived, they did everything a very large festival. They danced the tango to give pleasure with Parisian, and the hammer to give pleasure. It is far, I had hardly been born... Then...
My dad said to me that after, the Eiffel tower wanted to bathe, it was very hot... then good! It plunged and hop! that made an enormous wave which wet everyone! It is that it is large the Eiffel tower!
Then as it rusted, it left, and veiled!
(the voice of the father appears again)
Voice of the father: "... It is for that that seeing itself rusting of any share, the Eiffel tower took again his waxing, its brush with tooth and its snack, and says "Good-bye" to his cousins and, to great strides turned over towards Paris...."

Duration: 3 mn 30 seconds with voice off.
Scenario: Bruce Krebs, according to an original idea of Michel Gardes.
realization: Bruce Krebs.
Backgrounds: Michel Gardes.
Drawings of the characters and animations: Bruce Krebs.
Voice off: Jean Baldou and Tom Thomas Krebs.
Original music: Bruce Krebs.
production:Films Bruce Krebs, 9ter rue Amelot 17 000 La Rochelle.

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