Fractal baby
French Titrate : "Bebe fractal"
scenario and synopsis of the cartoon movie
of Bruce Krebs

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The story :

A little girl is impatient because the baby (his little brother) does not seem to want to leave the belly of her mother...

Editing :

A little girl still speaks to the baby in the belly about her mother. She gives him all the possible reasons to attract it outside... (this film was carried out entirely with fractales pictures, Mandelbulb3D ).
A little girl :

"Mom has a large belly.
It's the baby who is inside.
Mom said to me that the baby does not want to leave.
Il est bien au chaud.
Baby, where are you?
And why you don't want to leave?
It's decided, I will seek you.
Mom said to me that you fleets in her belly.
like a small submarine
She saw the radio.
Then if you hear me with your radio,
send to me a message!
I cannot swim yet.
When I'll known, we will go to the beach!
You, with your submarine, and me, with my buoy!
And the cat will come with us!
The cat is my friend.
It also waits for you.
But it is afraid of water.
The cat sleeps all day long... As you!
Why you don't want to leave?
Are you afraid?
At the school, I've many friends!
We will be able to play, all togather.
Mom will prepare a cake
A BIG Cake.
For my buddies.
And you will have your share.
I have toys too.
I can lend them to you if you want,
but get out before !
"Come" I say to you ! "

(Credits, we hear the baby crying)
The little disappointed girl (off):

" Oh, he is very small...
And then, he is not beautiful!"

Duration : 2 mn 22 with french dialogue.
Scenario : Bruce Krebs.
With the french voice of : Léa Reutin.
Assitant: Hugues Willy Krebs
The artistic Councils : Tom Thomas Krebs
Fractale animation and direction: Bruce Krebs
Production : Films Bruce Krebs

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