This site presents the activity of the sculptures exhibitions of Bruce Krebs,
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Where could we see
all the sculptures
of Bruce Krebs ?
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From generation to generation
Bronze on the ramparts of La Rochelle.
Permanent exhibition.

Location map

The Francophony map of the world
It is located at a few meters of the other sculpture, in front of the ramparts of La Rochelle. Permanent exhibition.

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"The Salammb˘' terrace" at the Fine art Museum of La Rochelle
My sculpture ź The Salammb˘' terrace ╗ is exhibited in the Fine art Museum of La Rochelle, near the paints of Eugene Fromentin and his orientalistes friends.
Exhibition : Opening hours of the museum.


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The spirit of bronze
I show my bronzes and best designs throughout the winter of 2017 in the sculpture gallery of La Rochelle The exhibition is open every Friday and Saturday from 15h to 19h (or by appointment - 05 46 41 73 52)
from october 2017 to march 2018.

where is located the sculpture gallery ?

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The index of the exhibits
You could discover the exhibits and demonstrations in which I took part.
As a curiculum vitae artistic...


The index of the exhibits!

Where could we see the other works of
Bruce Krebs ?

Notebook of voyage
A permanent projection of my cartoon film, in the tower "de la Chaine", in La Rochelle...

The architect at the Middle Ages
I have conceived a parlour game for 2, 3 or 4 players. Each player is a medieval architect. It must build its building as soon as possible...

Four flipbooks medieval in 3d
The flipbooks (or folioscope) are small notebooks. One can make quickly ravel the pages under the fingers and discover the construction of a Romance church in 3d...

The index of my drawings to the Indian ink.
Often, when space allows it, I present pen-and-ink drawings, with the charcoal, chalk...

The index of my art movies.
I carried out several short movies about art, from the foundry to discovered works by the public...

The index of my comic strips.
And yes, I was made in this art...

The index of my photographs.
I presented in Brouage some photographs. I present here the first three photographs put on line.

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
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