The Tango couple
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.

It's my founder who dubbed it the tango couple when he quoted it. (you have to name things when you have to assess them). He has quite right, in fact, so I kept the name even if I never for one moment thought of tango while I was creating it, I was mainly thing to express tenderness, qweetness and delicacy.

The left arm gesture of the woman would be impossible in real life. Nevertheless I kept it that way because the line is elegant and lithe.
I felt free to do it because of the small size of the piece. The same sculpture, enlarged to human size, for instance, couldn't bear such distorsions.

The brown patina softens and tones down the embrase. The second edition of this bronze got an even redder patina (almoste like some exotic wood), It somehow gives even more gentless to the couple.


I really enjoy dealing with gentelness, tenderness. This is totally subjective of course. A poker face doesn't appeal to me. Getting human feelings out of a plastic form is a kind of game I found quite exciting. Not magic, just exciting. If an amateur looks at a sculpture and his interest is aroused, it is enough to satisfy and reward me.

This piece doesn't have a base. It can be laid down or hunt to the wall. The indication "wall sculpture" only means that a handing up device has been designed. But everybody can have its ovon way.

Wall bronze.
Length : 33 cm, Wigth : 12,5 cm , Higth : 10,5 cm.

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
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France, Europe.
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