The secret
a sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

A girl entrusts a secret to a boy. The boy listening with attention.

It's undoubtedly an amusing secret because they smile togather.
Another boy is there, on the lookout for something. He pricks up one's ears.


My principal reflexion related to the appearance of the architecture located between the characters. I thought first of all at an openwork wall, then with a wall in ruin.

At that time I worked on fractals pictures*, and I created this image of tangent circles thus (above). At once, I took as a starting point this form for my sculpture, a form without reference.

* the fractals pictures are synthesized images 3d obtained by crossing mathematical formulas...
(My first stage with 4 characters...)
To amplify the idea of listening, I dig these circles in hollow. I thought at the radars parabolas.

But, impossible to avoid making a base. The round appeared to me, this time, the most discrete form.

Length : 31,6 cm, Width : 41,3 cm, Height : 41,5 cm.

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