Bruce Krebs presents and comments on the creation of the sculpture entitled:

The little happiness
a work by Bruce Krebs.

Two children, a boy and a girl, play together. The boy catches the girl’s legs. They’re laughing together. Are they happy ? They get an idea of what happiness might be. Laughing together, touching each other, is that happiness ?

This sculpture is a stealth moment of their game.

        But before that I modelled in 3D my project with "Blender" to evaluate the difficulties...

(To save time modeling, I did not model their hair...)

        but before, several sketch...

In this sketch, with her hands on the sand, the girl seems too static. The boy is too settled.

The presence of the ball gives the idea of a shove rather than a friendly play. The boy and the girl seem to be joyfully rising from their fall.

The little happiness
Length: 46 cm,
Height: 20 cm,
Width: 22 cm.

From this sculpture I created a new sculpture, the same 5 times larger... that I named
"an idea of happiness."
Here are the two sculptures side by side, the small bronze and the large polyester:

5 times larger, that’s what we say to simplify, but if we count the volume in its 3 dimensions, we should say...
125 times larger. (5x5x5 = 53 = 125)

When I started this small sculpture,
I already had the plan to do the same big one.
To distinguish them, I gave them two different names.

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