Bruce Krebs presents and comments on the creation of one of his sculptures entitled

The lost children
a sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

version :

These children are not abandoned. A woman is among them. She's is nursing a baby. They appear to be awaiting the return of the adults.

They are not upset. They are chattering, playing knucklebones. One of them hoisted himself near to the tree. He's wearing an adult hat, much too large for him! He's not playing war. He does not have a weapon in his hand... He seems to be watching for the return of the adults...

Two carts surround a dead tree. But is that tree really dead? A healthy growth seems to sprout out of the trunk... A growth brimming with life! Perhaps it could be a symbolic image: Children, quite alive, in an almost dead universe...

These carts structure the sculpture.
They have a scenographic function.
The children can be above, below.
They can climb on the cart shafts, or hide under the axles...
One cart is upright, the other is tilted up.

Iíve imagined several situations, according to the places from which the viewer stands.

  • A woman nursing a baby

  • A little girl watching the scene

  • Another teenage girl, stretched out on the cart plate, overhangs the scene

  • A boy is perched in equilibrium on the cart arm

  • Two children confide some secrets to each other

  • Another two are playing knucklebones

  • Next to them, a young boy is having a little nap

  • Another boy is wearing clogs, much too large for his feet

  • And yet another one, hidden under one of the carts, with the feet up on the axles.

Twelve children (I donít forget the baby) and an adult.
I wished to show a quiet situation, without anxiety.
As if " there was nothing to worry about !..."

I like these two children
whispering secrets...

Plaster patinated
Length: 70 cm, Width: 28,5 cm, Height: 38 cm.

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