The kiss
a sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

In the beginning, my project tried to represent a couple in imbalance. The man was to be held in unstable balance, with one hand only. The woman was laid down, with languor on him...

Contrary to the first attempt, they are not one over the other, but side by side...

That expresses also an idea of equality between the two. Thus the woman remains itself. There is not the expression of abandonment as in my first draft. It seems light and decided. The position of its arm shows well that she controls its balance.

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I did not choose again the same haircut of my first draft. I however tested. I do not know why, that didn't "function". In fact, a pony-tail is more "neutral". She is renovated of a few years. The pony-tail gives a more frankness to the character...

When we associate the words "the kiss" and "sculpture", we think immediately at the splendid sculpture of Auguste Rodin...
Little sculptor worked on this topic directly. I think, of course, with the "kiss" of Constantin Brancusi. The one of Ipousteguy, there are not of it many others sculpture which bear the same name. "The kiss given" charming little bust of Jean-Antoine Houdon...

On the other hand some sculptors created couples embracing itself. They gave to theirs mythological names, romantic names or symbolic names according to the times.
I think of Antonio Canova and "Love and Psyché" in the Louvre Museum, "Daphnis and Chloe" of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, "Zephir and Flore" of Clodion, More close to us, "Two human" of Stephen Abel Sinding, "The night" of Victor Prouve. More recently still, a sculpture of Wang Of "Ivy Lindsay and Matthew Hersey".

Certain sculptures evoke the idea. I think of this small autobiographical sculpture of Carpeaux "The feature of union". (In this sculpture, Carpeaux was represented kissing his wife under the tenderized eye of their sick son.) Raoul Larche, in a sculpture "The Seine and its affluents" has represented two children embracing itself, full with charm.

Less direct: "Sakountala" of Camille Claudel et "The eternal idol" of Rodin. Both are charged with retained...

Length: 41 cm, Height: 31 cm, Width: 26 cm.

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter rue Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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