Bruce Krebs introduces and comments on the creation of a sculpture entitled :

The cinema set.
A sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

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I still have a lot of boxes of 16 or 35 mm films…

(I made a few short animated films.
For those who wish to discover them,
here is the link to the list of my films).

I wanted to combine these two elements: the film boxes and the small orphan camera.

J’ai voulu associer ces deux éléments :
Les boîtes de film et la petite caméra orpheline.
But what do I do with it ?

I started by drawing this little sketch of a film set on a mound of film boxes


I modified the plaster of my little camera by giving it more importance and as on the sketch sketched, I accompanied a cameraman who frames a small mechanical rabbit. For more than a year, I left this first draft in a corner of my studio Until a friend got excited about the idea. Here you go! This is a fun idea…
And I took over my project.

When I found my sketch, I discovered that many characters had already been considered:
  • The director who seems to be giving instructions,
  • The perchman is visible on the other side of the camera.
  • the script-girl, behind the camera…
  • The clap man crouched under the camera...

When I decided to continue this project, I wondered who should be represented and in what attitude: The producer (on the phone), the cameraman, the perchman, the director (who already imagines his next frame) and at the other end of the stage, I created «the lovers» (clap-man and script-girl kissing).

Then I made sure that no attitude, no costume, no haircuts look like the others. I’ve reduced the number of boxes to three, two 16, and one 35.
Ah I forgot: The rabbit! The star of the day !
(Look carefully: In his back, you can see the contour of a small door.... This rabbit is mechanical !)
Here comes the star ! It’s the title-role of the film, it’s even marked on the slice of the film box...

Very late, I chose a silver painting to unite the whole.
Silver like film boxes, of course.

As shown in the photo above, the faces of my characters are disproportionate…
Half-sculpture, half-puppet... The loop is closed!...

Height : 31 cm , Length : 28 cm , Width : 28 cm.

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