The teenage girl
with a pigtail
a sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

I started from a small sketch. You can easily cheat with small sketches, which is not the case with sculptures, or at least it's rare. ( I'm thinking of "l'éternel printemps" by Rodin in which the woman's leg is not in the axe of her body, but nobody notices it...)

A teenage girl is sculpted in the core of this square pillar, although she is not a contortionist, the girl's position, is very close to the pillar's shape close but not similar, some parts are lacking in the back and the toes.

This cariatid, a little melancholy,
has not at all any feature of its
antique model of sculpture
Neither its strength nor its assurance.

Heigth : 2 m 10, side : 22,3 cm.

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
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France, Europe.
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