The Hopper'room
A sculpture by Bruce Krebs.


Edward Hopper drew a table completely surprising: A naked woman looks by the window. This woman observes with attention something that we don't see. She is naked in front of its window, but she don't flaunt herself. By this window, we distinguish other buildings. It could be a courtyard between buildings. Perhaps is she in New York or Chicago?

Sketch according to the painting of Hopper

Hopper has studied the attitude of this woman with precision : Her elbows are well fixed on its knees. Her hair wraps its face. A certain lassitude emanates from the character. Hopper named his painting: « Eleven A.M. ». What can do this naked woman at this early hour? The title reinforces this impression of dephasing. (The work of Hopper present of many characters on standby of a hypothetical event which never comes…)

I have reproduce the attitude of this woman in front of his window. She has a heavy body. She's not very young any more. Her leather armchair is not placed vis-a-vis the window. The window is very high. She was thus turned to see what occurred outside. Perhaps she has hear an unusual noise which distracted her ? Perhaps she dream with the eyes open ?

workshop photograph : I produced a model of the window with polystyrene.
The woman is stay too right.

While I built this sculpture, the idea developed. Then I imagined to represent the building of opposite. But not like a frontage of architecture, rather like a succession of openings in false theatrical prospect… And, for rendering well comprehensible that it's not a question of windows, I cut bays like peepholes : All the panels of each window are centered towards this woman! In beam. Then, to recall its insulation in height, I detached the floor from the building ground.

The idea is there. The rest is only proportion, balance, imbalance, low, higher, thicker, finer…

workshop photograph : This large window was very ugly...
I reduced the wall to his framing to obtain a lighter image.

The woman in front of her window

overall picture

overall picture

Length : 49 cm, Height : 50,9 cm, Width : 20 cm.

If the topic of the window were often treated in painting (I think of Francisco Goya, Edouard Manet and, of course, Gustave Caillebotte) it is quasi-non-existent in sculpture…

The representations of a naked woman in an armchair are very rare. A bronze was carried out by Jules Dalou "Naked woman reading in an armchair" but without window… Edgar Degas created a "Woman sitting in an armchair, wiping her left armpit". It is a lost wax bronze very funny. With "the invisible object", Alberto Giacometti has represented a naked woman, very stiff, sitting on an armchair (semi-chair, semi-armchair)…

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