The Earth of French-speaking countries
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.

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This sculpture was inaugurated
in front of the towers of La Rochelle,
July 11, 2000.
This part is an ordering of the SACEM and Music France Plus.
It was necessary to create a terrestrial sphere on which I should represent, in one way or another the all French-speaking countries.

Each French-speaking country is represented by a village,
here Vietnam, Laos and Kampuchea.

I symbolized the French-speaking countries by small villages. I carved houses, trees, cars, -and towers of La Rochelle!- a whole life. This dimensions "village" please to the tourists, but what is surprising, with the first access, it is the proportion ocean/continent.

The oceans are hollow. It is voluntary. When I started to work on this project, I knew already that this sphere would be located in this prestigious place. Especially, that it is not unaesthetic? I chose the cavity of the oceans which plastically was as well more interesting.

The bronze of the continents were cut out with "plasma"! (more quickly than a scissors in paperboard!). It was then formatted by a blacksmith. Once the continents fixed on the structure, the countries was fixed upon. These countries* were carved out of wax, were moulded and run in bronze, one by one, to respect outline of each borders, a true work of geographer...

This sculpture is also a homage of the world of the music to Michel Crépeau, mayor and deputy recently dead, who defended the French language from a long time. A sentence from one of its speeches was reproduced on this sculpture:

"A through the French** song, it is our culture, our poetry and our language which make the turn of the world."

*To locate all the French-speaking countries of the world, not to forget one of them, I referred to the documents of the conference of Francophonie de Hanoï of 1996.

Here the list of these countries and entities French-speaking registered voters in 1996:

  • Belgium,
  • Benign,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Burkina-Faso,
  • Burundi,
  • Kampuchea,
  • Cameroun,
  • Canada,
  • Cape Verde,
  • Central Africa,
  • the Comoros,
  • Congo,
  • Côte.d'ivoire,
  • Djibouti,
  • Domenica,
  • Egypt,
  • France,
  • Gabon,
  • Guinea,
  • Guinea-Bissau,
  • Guinea-equatorial,
  • Haiti,
  • Laos,

  • Lebanon,
  • Louisiana (the United States),
  • Luxembourg,
  • Madagascar,
  • Mali,
  • Morocco,
  • Maurice,
  • Mauritania,
  • Moldavie,
  • Monaco,
  • Niger,
  • Romania,
  • Rwanda,
  • Sainte-Lucie,
  • Saint-Thomas-and-Prince,
  • Senegal,
  • Seychelles,
  • Switzerland,
  • Chad,
  • Togo,
  • Tunisia,
  • Valley-In Aoste (Italy),
  • Vanuatu,
  • Viêt-nam,
  • Zaire.

I've made a one minute's motion picture:

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       (Algeria wished not to take part in this conference,
I thus materialized it on the sphere, with the great astonishment of much of tourists).

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter street Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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