The three little fauns

a bronze by Bruce Krebs.

I rather like them. These three little characters have a story. They are the aesthetic starting point of one my animated films called: "A new beginning !"

I had made these faces too big and so I would have had to create puppets too tall and too heavy to be animated in front of the camera.


So I gived up the faces on chimney piece to make some smaller ones, handier for my cartoon. These three discarted heads remained wailing in the wings for the whole length of the film and quite a long time afterwards. For a year these fauns stared at me...
I would move them from the chimney piece to the piano, from the piano to the shelves, never finding the right place. But I never threw them away.

A cartoon is just a stock and it spends 99 % of its lifetime ! "stored away in a metal box". As far as sculpture is concerned, the objects created live longer, even if they don't move !..

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Often, I would hold these three heads into my hands. Children often do that with their toys. Then it ocurred to me to gather them together forever.
I had a small round gilded frame within reach ! "Well why not ?!". The disc was created from this frame. I barely sculpted the shoulders, just an outline. I certainly didn't want to find an image from the film again.
I asked my founder for a very green patina on order to enhance the bucolic side of the scene for that is what it is for me ! "a bringing to a setting ".

(Eventually, I discarded the frame at the very last moment...)

Bronze - Diameter : 15,3 cm , depth : 9,5 cm.

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
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France, Europe.
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