Bruce Krebs presents and comments on the creation of bronze entitled:

Oil slick
a sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

With the origin of this project there was an invitation to tender for the installation of a public place of Nantes (France). I presented myself there but I did not reach the contest itself.

What imports, among the various sketches that I had drawn, there was of them one which I liked well. I adapted it for a small size. If I completely took again the layout of the sheet of water, I did not improve the drawing of the children and the tanker.

Here my first sketch.

I chose to represent a part in imbalance, the children of dimensioned, the tanker of the other, face to face. (During a time, there was even a central support to reinforce the idea of balance.)

The three children are different ages. Young person, on four legs, looks at its hand, the junior, on knees, discovers the tanker at the horizon, the elder one, upright the closed fists, presents a face in anger. Three ages, three attitudes, three stages.

The tanker is designed "out of scale" to simulate the distance, the horizon. The leaning ocean also makes it possible to express the immersed part. The sea is not treated in a realistic way. It is as laminated by fine layers of oil which move towards the shore, it does not appear liquid....
One cannot make a sculpture like a film. The topic of pollution touches everyone. It should be treated, if such is our choice, with much prudence and respect. The provocation, often used in the cinema, cannot be exerted in sculpture on a subject like pollution. Lastly, I do not see the interest of it.
If I were one day to carry out this work for a public space I would redraw all the tilted part of the ocean, because this tilted side would not be very aesthetic on a large scale...

Height: 20 cm, width: 84 cm, depth: 14 cm.

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