Ten characters
in waiting
a sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

I rather like the idea that they could be stuck, nailed to the ground. Eventually, instead of nailing them I decided on burrying them upto the waist. They are waiting for something. They are the only ones who know. Purposefully no symbolic element is there to give us a key. Maybe they're not waiting for anything at all...

They do not communicate with one another either.

(It took me several years to reconsider these faces out of the context of their film story). There's something similar in their stares, they're tired and resigned.
It's around these two themes that I sought a possible spacial setting.

These characters used to be "alive" once in their "lives" before becoming static. Indeed, the heads of these characters "starred" in a puppet film I co-directed with my friend Pierre Veck.

This film was called "Sad Face". Pierre made the big puppet of Don Quijote and I made the small cocktail ones.
In the film the characters were each dressed according to different social background.

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As always when a film has been shot, the puppets are undressed and taken to pieces in order to keep the metal structures which are reused in other films. These structures allow the characters to be animated.
Then when it's over the puppet becomes a mere doll, or even worse a heap of arms, hands, feet and heads at the bottom of a cardboard box.

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I had two possibilities as far as the base was concerned, either square or round. I took the first option (not the rectangle) because contrarily to the round shape, the square one doesn't set apart as much. The round represents a whole, it surrounds a situation. In the theatre the round shaped light outlines the subject on a stage. The square is more neutral. Here we have ten characters, but who knows, they might be a sample of the population as the statistics people say. May be they are millions like these.

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