The Dance
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.

Dancing is already a way of suggesting relationships between individuals. A sculpture representing a dance hides behind another art... Contempory coreographies only rarely give the impression of happiness. Any harmonious image of a couple is rapidly broke by the rythmn and by rapid movements.

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My first idea
was on a small sketch --->
a relatively violent vision between two individuals
- a couple -
striking each other.
then I thought it would be more interesting
to create two individually
gracious characters
but expressing violence together...

The idea of dance came to me later.

There are two famous sculptures involving dance.
One being "La danse" by Carpeaux that decorates
the facade of the Paris Opera House,
and the other "la danse" by Camille Claudel,
which is tender and nostalgic,
both protagonists curl up to each other in one movement.


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There is no the harmony! There is confrontation without emotion... all in all, everyday life! Impassive faces, without suffering or agression.

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The dance is a pretext for me
to treat a subject
that would have been
difficult to represent
with naked characters for example.
To discover the characters in a clothing of dancer
allows for a distant interpretation
of the subject.
I thought for a while
about showing this by an indentation
in the calves and sleeves,
however this would have been too anecdotal.
I preferred a representation
of the sexual parts of the two characters
as if veiled by fabric.

This sculpture does not have a base. I often avoid them if the shape allows. I find it makes the whole lighter. For "The dance" it's very appropriate!

Length : 50 cm, Width : 29cm , Height : 40cm

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