A bronze sculpure by Bruce Krebs.

A couple holds a shield of straw. In the center of this shield, there is a small horizontal opening. That gives more one idea of loophole...

two faces at the window

The man and the woman are very attentive with what occurs in front of them. What does it occur? Me, I am unaware of it... and you?

The shield, front and back

I carved the panel as if it were about an irregular braiding of straw or "raffia". The image of this shield is even more fragile... To give an impression of lightness, the couple carries to end of arm this protection. Is it really effective?..

The couple, dimensioned side

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The man tightens the woman against him. I paid attention not to allot the same gestures to them to increase the effect of indecision...
- Why this title given to this sculpture: "Bad curiosity"?
- Why this curiosity is it "bad"...
- With you to find, or to invent the reason!
- S'agit-il de la curiosité scientifique?
- Do they observe the effects of pollution ?

Depth: 23 cm, Largeur: 51 cm, Height: 55 cm.

I realized a short video (one minute)
about chiselling and the patina of this bronze in the foundry of art.
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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter rue Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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