Woman with a crab
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.
I made this sculpture out of a sheer plastic gratification, for the pleasure to walk around. I wanted the sculpture itself to induce the onlooker to walk around.


I must confess that,
 at home,
  I regulary turn it round
   on its pin.

    The crab
     is only a pretext
      to the visual unalance
      of the woman
      in connection with the base,
      a pretext for her curled-in gesture.

     This tiny crab was
   created only
  a few days before,
 the piece went
to the founder.

The name given to the sculpture is signifiant for the amateur. More significant that it is often thought. It is used to seek a "key" to each piece of work. Few are those who are satisfied with pure form.

Don't look for the crab ! I'd rather tell you staight away, the crab is really tiny, it is on the base. Some people looked for it on the woman's shoulder or on her hand... and sometimes they only find it after a minute or two...

Height : 43 cm , Lenght : 17 cm , Width : 13 cm.

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter street Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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