Bruce Krebs presents and comments on the creation of a sculpture entitled:

The carnival 's dress
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.


It is the history of a dress
which inflates,
which inflates,
and which still inflates.

It is also the history of a little child
who tries to retain this dress
which inflates like a parachute...


The idea is very simple.

At the time of my exhibition to the Art Contemporary Space of La Rochelle, I had also exposed my pen-and-ink drawings, with Indian inks black and white of which that one. By rediscovering this sketch, I then thought of translating this drawing into volume...

Do you want to see all my drawings on line?

When I chose to take as a starting point this drawing to make a sculpture of it, I immediately imagined the child who retains the swelling of the dress...

I imagine a enigma then that I deliver to you immediately: How it makes that this dress inflates much?...


Yes! It's the carnival 's day! There is somebody under the dress, somebody who plays with the child, under the benevolent eye of the young woman... (Look at the small detail of the toes which appear under the dress, fingers of a foot which cannot be those of the young woman... Precisely, all these stripes are made to "occupy" the eyes, because they don't find them immediatly...)

Length : 37,5 cm , Wigth : 21 cm , Higth : 27,5 cm.

I carried out a short video (1 min 15 sec) about
this sculpture in art foundry.
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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter street Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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