Picking up the tragic side
a polyester sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

"Picking up the tragic side" It's a title a few "uncalled-for", I recognize it. But this title summarizes completely what I wanted to express. How many people precipitated to photograph misery, the tragedy, the pathetic one ? This always aggravated me.

Already, a few years ago, I had the idea of a painting (furiously) looking at, near Beaubourg museum, a young knack woman taking photographs of beggars face to face... with a very powerful camera.

Later, during the exhibit "In situ" that I've put into effect in the Fine Art museum of La Rochelle, I reproduced this image in sculpture :"The photograph of the draughtsman". (This exhibit "in situ" is still on line )
I had replaced the beggar by a street draughtsman, to stay in the museographic context... It drew the painting located behind the photographer woman, who doesn't hesitate to walk over the drawing for shooting her photograph with success.

This hyperrealistic sculpture was completely in the spirit of the Duane Hanson sculptures whom I appreciate much. My two characters were equipped with "everyday clothes". And if it's possible, with very bad taste (the photographer lady especially)... Color of skin, hair false...
Alas, each exhibit has to finish one day... my draughtsman and my photographer lady then joined my cellar for a few years...

I reconsidered my sculpture.
I modified the position of the woman who photographs.
She contort herself in a way more grotesque.
Her lens is very near from the draughtsman face.

Moreover, the young man is not any more a street draughtsman. I added to him a sheet in his hands... And what does he draw? He draws the photographer, of course !... He also picks up tragic side !

Here, the characters are not any more in costume. I made them cover out of monochromic polyester resin. with a color close to the bronze color. Like solidifying them in the mass !.. It will be their final position and their final texture.

The draughtsman sketches the photographer woman.

Polyester sculpture
Length : 310 cm, Width : 60 cm, Height : 60 cm.

I made a small 2 minutes and 43 seconds movie about
"Picking up the tragic side ".

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter street Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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