Bruce Krebs presents and comments on the creation of one of his sculptures entitled:

The canopy
a work by Bruce Krebs.

The canopy is the highest part of the trees.
I thus had, from the beginning, the idea of a standing couple on the top of trees.
(impossible situation because the branches are too fragile at this place).
That was my starting point.
I don't know why.

I'am often asked how comes to me my inspiration.
I never know what to answer...

For example, this sculpture passed by numerous successive stages, before finding its definitive shape.

I thought of the very dense virgin forest. I had imagined to represent this forest as a "core drilling" ( As there are geological core drillings.)

I made at first a "parallelepiped" of a very dense forest

I heightened this parallelepiped by an other one. (a real wedding cake!).

I completely gave up this idea.
With the wire netting and the tow, I created a more tortuous forest.

I then opted for straight separated trunks and flat canopy.

(To estimate the size, I've simulated trunks with bottles.)

Having sculptured trunks, I remodeled the top of the canopy, too flat for my taste. (This effect of tray was nevertheless my initial idea...)
and I have still enlarged its circumference.

And I carved all the leaves, one by one.

Then by observing my plaster, I have thought that all trunks could be interpreted as the base. For me, the trunks are part of the sculpture.

Later, I modified the woman haircut. A haircut which is inspired by the shape of the canopy.

This hairstyle gives a strange atmosphere to the scene.
Is she a woman or a fairy ... or the genius of the forest ?

Height: 45 cm, length: 45 cm, width 41 cm.

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