The last breath
of fresh air
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.

It's one single person breathing deeply. This sculpture is not about ten women, side by side, but one and the same person seen at various moments. So I strengthen the idea, I made the bodies intermingle: an arm can penetrate through the back and get out through the chest.
That's my way to show that I'm dealing with one and the same person (somehow in the style of a 3D synthesis picture).

versions :

First I created a standing character and I asked my founder for an elastomer mould

(the "alginate" would have broken or wouln't have stood two castings).

It's from this mould
that I cast the ten characters in plaster with a metal structure inside.

Each sculpture is then carved afresh, put in plaster again and assembled to the others. The assembly started from the two extremities and I fastened "the keystone" last.


The keystone is the breaking point between healthy inhalation and painfull exhalation.

I hesitated for quite a long time on the appropriateness of fixing an eleventh beaming character at the centre. ( This eleventh element would have given too much balance to the whole with five elements on each side. Therefore I gave up up the idea).


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To the begin with, this sculpture was about pollution. On the first picture, the kneeling woman was to wear a gas mask. Here again I quickly gave up this rather manichean representation.

I rather fancy the idea that an onlooker may wonder, alone in a room I rather fancy the idea that an onlooker may wonder, alone in a room, without the sculptor giving him a key to its interpretation. His pondering is part of what I'm trying to do.

Length : 73 cm , Wigth : 24 cm , Higth : 37,5 cm

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
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France, Europe.
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