Deep sleep
sculpture by Bruce Krebs.

This is a light work, purely and simply decorative. The structure of the setting is as important as the work in its center. " Decorative " can be a pejorative word in the mouths of lot of people.

But I do not mind.

I often start a work groping about. A hazy idea comes to my mind and I get down to it? Sometimes I drop it for a while, sometimes I undo it. I never destroy anything because a work which is at a standstill can lead to another one almost naturally.

"The deep sleep" comes from the idea of "offering". Four teenager's "offer" a scene. They are parts of the frame but not the frame as such. They're telling a story, they are watching out. This is not the usual function of a frame anymore.

For a while I thought I would put the four little fairies inside the frame as well. This would have disposed of the very idea of a setting. I'm also fond of a change in scale (maybe because I used to be an architect) ...

So I opted for a smiling but
inexpressive face, the face
of a person deep unto sleep.
Thus the setting overshadows
the main subject and becomes
the real subject of the works.

Wall bronze
Length : 31,5 cm , Height : 35 cm , depth : 5 cm.


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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
9 ter street Amelot, 17 000 La Rochelle,
France, Europe.
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