"Dinner's ready !"
a bronze by Bruce Krebs.

This wall sculpture makes me laugh. I imagined a family of bad-tempered, the father, the mother and the son. They're eating and not happy to be disturbed. Is it a formal meal ? a business lunch ? No it's not, a soup, a bottle of red wine show the rustic side of the meal. Rustic but sacred !

This intimate scene needed a setting. I wondered how I could figure a place which wouldn't visually break the dynamics of the family. Then it made me think of another sculpture, wich had remained at a standstill, that of an emaciated face I had begun the year before and which I couldn't finish (it's often easier to start a sculpture than to finish it off).

I brought the two together, I altered that big face by inordinaly opening its mouth and giving it a sorrowful look so that he wouldn't accompany the little family without opposing it, a kind of cohabitation between those who grumble and those who suffer.


There is still one last point as to the position of the works into space. Set on a base, the works would have taken a serious turn full of significant symbols. I opted for a wall sculpture. Instead I cut the back of the skull to give the impression that the big face was coming out of the wall. It's less bombastic...


Bronze - Height : 37,5 cm , Width : 15,7 cm , Depth : 22,5 cm .

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Bruce Krebs, sculptor
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France, Europe.
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